Re-launch of my website and attending my first show

I started 2019 off by working on the re-launch of my JVH creative Fine Art website. My aim was to add more focus on promoting the brand JVH creative Fine Art and also to create a more attractive and easily accessible environment to buy my art, prints and products.

My website in a new outfit!

So, my website was down, “under construction” for a while. But soon after re-launching and being open for business again, it turned out, the time I spend was well invested and re-launch was a success! Since then, my website receives more engagement, traffic and sales than it has done in previous years! So, thank you for everyone who placed on order via my website and therefore helped to step up my business dream! –  You can’t imagine the joy, every time I receive one of these emails with the subject line “New order received” – HAPPY DANCE AND ALL INCLUDED!

Stepping out of my comfort zone.

But that wasn’t the only goal I had set myself for 2019. I also wanted to attend my first show as an exhibitor, where I could sell my products in person. – Well, “wanted” might have been the wrong word for it… I honestly have to admit, this was quite a big step for me! If you know me, you will know, that I am quite an introvert. So, making plans to get myself out there, talking to people and actually sell, promote and showcase my work in person … well, to be honest, that is by far not on top of my list, when it comes to comfort zones! But hey, sometimes you have to challenge yourself, throw yourself into it and just hope for the best!

So, having that in mind, the application for my first show was quickly sent off and accepted – the Hertfordshire County Show it was meant to be! A show, that almost takes place kind of in my back garden and attracts around 30 000 visitors every year – so not a small one to start off with really…

Anyway, there was no going back with the confirmed stand space letter in my hand …

And now?

What do I need? How do I want my stand to look like? What is the best way to present my art, prints and products? How much stock do I need? How to take payments? What to expect? What if no one will buy anything … – Honestly, these were just a small selection of questions, that sprung into my head. So, there is no surprise, when I am telling you, that I spent a lot of time the next few weeks with research and preparation until the show date finally arrived.

And what an experience it was!

I was lucky to have had the help of a very good friend of mine, who was a great help in discussing everything and reassuring me many things in the lead up to the show and also during the whole duration of the show. Together we made the “first time show attendance” a great success and really enjoyed the new experience!

Having had a very successfully first show, it comes as no surprise, that there were more to follow in 2019.