Meet the artist

Hi, I am Jessica Hennig, the artist and founder of JVH creative Fine Art. With JVH creative Fine Art I fulfilled one of my dreams: Turning a hobby into a small, growing business! I work out of my office and studio, located on a working farm in the beautiful Hertfordshire countryside. The fact that I am surrounded by nature, wildlife and livestock every day, is one of the main inspirations and motivation for my drawings.

As many other artists, I have been drawing from a very young age – to such an extent that my mum predicted a creative working career for me, probably since my days of Kindergarten. And mum is always right, isn’t she…? Yes, she was. I decided to study graphic design and after graduating, I worked for several companies designing all sorts of things. But during all these years, I always continued drawing as a passionate hobby. And over time, I began to specialise in coloured pencils capturing my favourite subject – animals!

Opening a new chapter in my life, the day came, I decided to start running my own business. This is a few years back now and since then, I spend my days working as a full time, self employed artist and freelance graphic designer – Not mentioning all the other tasks that come with running your own business… But really, I love it. I enjoy the work with clients on the graphic design side of things and also love the time I spend drawing and designing my own product ranges.

Best of all, I can be CREATIVE, every day of the year.